*****CoinKDJ Server Upgrade Notice******


Due to coinkdj is grow fast and more member join us ,our current server unable to meet the requirements,so we decide to move our coinkdj to new dedicated server.

It will increase user experience,please dont panic,we will back within 24 hours.(Resolve domain is need some time. hope you can understand it .)

Immigrate Server & Work details

1.download coinkdj database,its about 1GB.it may take 1 hour. Done!!!

2.download site template 30 mins.Done!!!

3.upload coinkdj database to new server,it may take 1 hour.Done!!!

4.upload coindkj template to new server,it may take 30 mins.Done!!!

5.install the program. 30 mins.Done!!!

6.check the data Integrity. 1 hour.Done!!!

7.Resolve domain name to new server ,Wait for broadcast to worldwide.

8.make site online again.30 mins

If you have question,just send email to admin@coinkdj.com.

Best Regards

CoinKDJ admin